Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have many wonderful cousins.

Sheila McQuitty was the oldest, always treated me like the brother she never had. Then I think it was Susan and her dad gave me my Morse Code test for my ham radio license. He was real careful not to act like he just gave it tome. WN8RQQ arrived in the mail box before harvest in 63?

Then I think it was me.


I think that is right but might be missing one! I love older age! I am still here kicking and fighting and helping like my cousins.

Susan died of breast cancer last year so are all dedicated to that mission. It almost got Linda and Sherry but they are fighting it off. Three of those special cousins and one is my dear sister!''

It was so much fun to be with them last Sunday. I know why Winkle's stick together. They barely survived the times and HAD to stick together.

Mom's family did too, the Carringtons. They ran away from great Irish potato famine. I took Marky to their family reunion one day and he said wow dad, what a tribe!

Well I better go now, have to get ready for Mass. If any of you have a good idea, it could be on here. People like reading my stuff for some reason.


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