Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today is Tyler Cleveland's baptism.

What a wonderful and glorious event! The sky is so crisp and clear this morning, it all just seems to work together!

"Baptism happens not only to the individual, but also to Christ's body, the Church. That's why the rite insists that we celebrate Baptism in the Christian assembly, with the community present and actively participating. It is the community, after all, who is welcoming the new members, journeying with them, providing models for them, supporting and nourishing them. Baptism begins with God's love and care revealed to us through Christ. It continues with us, the Church, living and enacting God's love and care through Christ to the world. That's a serious commitment."

Got back home this evening. It was beautiful. It was good day for a glorious event!

We had a get together at Tyler's new home after the event.

Eric even got a new TV for his new home! Pretty good for $ 800! Ours are antique, we will have to do the same thing.

The one TV I won in a contest around 1990! It served me well!

The baptism will serve Tyler well.


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