Thursday, October 29, 2009


I see people really struggling this, especially farmers.

The emotional roller coaster I have been on has caused me much struggle. The times we live in, morality, weather, so many things have made this year a real struggle.

That flu concerns me. I saw my friend post a story about a young girl with heart problems who contracted the H1N1 and never made it home from the FFA convention.

"INDIANAPOLIS -- A Kansas teenager in Indianapolis for the FFA national convention died from complications related to the H1N1 flu, school officials said.

Lauren Merklein, 14, from the small town of Kiowa, Kan., died Sunday at Riley Hospital for Children, where she was diagnosed with the H1N1 flu, said Brad Morris, the superintendent of South Barber school district, where Merklein was a high school freshman.

Merklein had a pre-existing heart condition, but showed no symptoms of the flu before arriving in Indianapolis for the conference on Tuesday, Morris said.

The teen collapsed in her hotel room Friday night and remained in critical condition for the rest of the weekend, Morris said.

According to Merklein's obituary in the Kiowa News she was a cheerleader, an honor roll student and was involved in band and choir.

The National FFA Organization held its national convention in Indianapolis last week."



  1. Ed,
    It is nothing people have not gone though before. I've been kind of depressed for some years. We have just never been able to pull ourselves out of some really bad years some time ago. You have to look to the past and see how grandparents did it. Or read stories of people in other countries whose government abandoned them-or worse.
    What about the guy in the old USSR who buried his tractor to keep it away from the commies. He packed it in cosmoline and buried it. With the end of the USSR he dug it up again. I think he even got it running.
    You do what you have to do. You get up in the morning, You help those you can help. You show God's love in anyway you can. You do not bow your knee to the new idols. You put one foot in front of the other. Horrible random things happen, your belief in God, gives you the strengh to deal with those events. God see's the sparrow fall. He didn't push it out of the nest, he won't necessairly stop it as that kind of affects the whole free will thing, he will certainly help you deal with the loss, find purpose in the failure, give you strength to start again.
    Um... I got carried away.
    Perhaps I need to remember my own words when I'm in my own little world!

  2. PS: The Lazy Farmer blog is for depressed people, HyMark High Spots is for happy people! Cheer up Ed! There is always another year. It could have been worse!

  3. Thanks Budde, good advice! I studied the past a little too much ready for the future!

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