Monday, October 26, 2009

Neighbors helping neighbors

My neighbor boys came over to mow my lawn so I can harvest! That bad fuel we got plugged up everything, even my lawn tractor!

They have a big John Deere with Kawasaki engine, they fly with the wind and it sounds like a jet!

I think they cut my beautiful 5 acres in about a third the time it takes me! What a sight to see!

It is so good to have good neighbors. They are all so polite and quiet I cannot get them to talk much but they do smile at me now!

Nine children on one farm! That is like the Winkle's of old, when they had 15-16 kids to work the farm. Dad had nine in his family. Only three in mine.

I need you youngsters come help the old farmer out. Old man is getting tired but have had a really good year. I will teach you everything I know like it was passed down to me.

They have Llamas and New Hampshire chickens my dog likes to chase. I had to scold her hard. I picked the boys up one day to stack wood and left her home to keep her away from the chickens and when they opened my truck doors to get in there she was!

I have to get a kennel to keep her in when I am gone.

Some people don't like her or are afraid of her.

She has been a good addition to this family but a real challenge!

Wow what a great day. I just keep sending my grain to the Ohio River. The world wants and needs our product.

Possibly speaking in New Zealand In February. I am so excited!

You farmers keep rolling. You non farmers help us keep rolling.

We have to help our neighbor.



  1. I saw a German Shepherd in the big hardware store the other day. The owner was doing some sort of training exercise. She would make the dog stay and then call her. Doing some sort of a search pattern as well. Lady looked grumpy and Law Enforcement type. They take themselves way too seriously and I avoid them and their dogs...
    The dog was fun to watch. Very alert and very smart.
    I once had German shepherd that would attack my brother's dog and would not stop when asked to stop. I put the shock collar on him and gave him a good zap. It really worked.
    Shock collars are the last resort. You have to do it so the dog doesn't figure out that the shock comes from the collar. The collar works because dog's instincts tell it that the pain comes from you. Somehow you are able to reach out without any physical contact. It only took two shocks, one light and one strong. Works very well for getting dogs to stop chasing chickens. It is almost impossible to make dogs stop chasing chickens. Especially if the chickens are not yours...

  2. Sable is doing pretty well but I know exactly what you mean!

  3. Sable loves to walk beside the combine David. I got to see an old friend and commiserate awhile. We think this whole world is going but us farmers keep on holding on.