Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Blog Winners

I am sorry I am so late in announcing my blog winners. With this spring and trying to plant, the funerals, the new grandson and just daily life, it has taken me way too long to announce my winners.

First of all, you are all winners to me. The only ones I see are you that comment and you that email me. I am an open book, I don't try to hide too much.

It has been a good experience for me and I hope for you.

RS in California, Terry, RM in Illinois, BS and BT in Oregon, TS in Ohio. You are all winners. RS has picked his prize, I hope to be able to honor it. It is a major project for both of us.

Other winners, pick your prize. I have inoculant for double crop soybeans or next years soybeans if you want to select that. I have peat inoculant, GraphEx inoculant, MolySoyAlive and QuickRoots for corn and soybeans. If you would like something else, just let me know.

My MolySoil soybeans have beautiful color. You can see to the row where it was used, just like the new triple stacked soybean rhizobial inoculants. The QuickRoots treated seed is also impressive, all good choice.

BT in Oregon, our seed exchange has been good for me. We are enjoying great peas every other day or so, even some of the grandkids got to help pick them.

This blog has opened up a whole new world for me to share my thoughts and learn yours.

I can see you folks like most the writings of our daily lives here in SW Ohio as we explore old things, new things and wonder about our future. My view of politics and government action doesn't seem so popular, imagine that. I think we are all sick of talking about that and just want to get on with our lives, dreaming about the future and doing something about it as we address the challenges of each new day.

So let me know what you are thinking, otherwise you are going to read what I am thinking.

We just got another .3 inch rain this morning and everything is wet again. It would be nice if it keeps this up through crop flowering.

The moon is full and the summer solstice is up on us.

That alone will bring up new challenges.

Thanks readers,

Ed Winkle

PS I am always open to topics to talk about so send them. It also seems you just like to read what I am thinking. I am one average American trying to do better than average in my book.

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