Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Martinsville is full of wildlife, and I mean all kinds!

This evening I pulled into Brown's Distributor's, the Martinsville Mall as it is known here and suddenly Sable about knocked me through my door.

I looked up and there was a lady checking out inside and she had a baby racoon on her shoulder! I thought to myself, this is just wrong. Then I thought if Sable jumps through my window into the store, there will be a whole lot more wrong!

She bites at bugs, let alone racoons. She is more than interested in any other 4 legged creature, let alone a racoon.

Mr. Brown has a farm near us and it is full of wildlife. We hear his peacocks most everyday. Deer hunters knock on the door here all the time. Some I help, most I can't.

I do know the racoons around here ate more than their share of my sweetcorn field here in 2004. Since then, we have trapped out a bunch of them and they aren't the threat they were.

One day a sick one crawled up on the tire of one of the boys truck. He went to get into it and noticed the racoon sitting on his front tire. The coon had distemper and was very sick. The 22 soon put him out of his misery.

Most years you can see the deer come out of the woods to the west of us and munch on our crops south of the house.

I think Mother Nature is taking back her earth!


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