Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June is almost gone

Can you imagine it is almost July?

Dad was born July 2 and Rebecca is due July 4.

She couldn't go for Miss Lilly so the little girl will be Caoilin.

I said Becky you will explaining this the rest of your life,

I know dad, but it is so Celtic like Liam and she will be a Celtic princess.

No doubt she will be a princess. A brother like Liam? Liam is the most interesting little boy I ever met. Those two could be trouble.

My brother's daughter Kelsey just graduated from high school. The Irish effect runs deep in our family and LuAnn's family.

I just pray that Becky and Caoilin are healthy through the birthing process. Joshua, Claire, Tyler, now Caoilin.

The family is growing.

Thank you, Lord.

Ed Winkle

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