Monday, June 29, 2009


Sable put her paws in Indiana this morning. I had a scouting job there and she couldn't wait to get out of my pickup.

She sniffed around and almost got angry. Was she too far from home?

It was 80 miles and a long ride, we were both anxious to get there but I was surprised to see her so uptight.

I drove up to my friend John R Halderman's place at College Corner Indiana north of Oxford. Yes, we drove over all those bricks in Oxford. She didn't like that either.

I looked at the display items and finally asked for John Halderman. He said, I just labelled files with your name on it!

I looked around and said why? I finally went to the Martin System I sell. After 19 years? Yes, I am a slow learner.

I was a slow learner, too.

Once I learned, I have been teaching it ever since.

Howard Martin, you have a good notill system.

Ed Winkle

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