Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We have a few days left to comment on the E-15 docket at the EPA.

It makes sense to me though I know some of you don't believe in ethanol. I respect that. Given the money we have already invested in ethanol, this docket seems to make sense in increasing employment, improving the economy, cleaning the air and making our country more independent on foreign oil.

The infrastructure is in place, all we have to do is mandate it. It makes more sense than many of the bail-outs I have read about.

Our E-85 has been 10 cents cheaper at the local Kroger store so many people blend it themselves. That takes some effort and with E-15 the work is already done for us in the pipeline of fuel.

Farmers backed off corn this year from last because of economic reasons. It all seems to be working out in the marketplace.

I think we need a little more pressure to raise corn. Any market can be a bubble. The problem I can't resolve is the livestock market. It is in a mess. Livestock producers need cheap feed to make a buck and now the cheaper livestock prices have made that even more unfeasible for them. It is a real Catch 22.

I really don't see how livestock producers are making it or are going to make it with this given situation. You have to really love livestock to stay in business right now. They are out there in the cold and mud when crop farmers are sitting by the fire or living in Florida. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

Still, I think E-15 is a natural for the U.S. at this point in time. I could be wrong, I have been wrong before.

What is your thoughts?


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