Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lavender Fest

We just got back from a quick visit to the neighbor's Lavender Fest, first annual. Another neighbor was selling her alpaca wool rugs while the kids wove yarn on the spinning wheel.

It's a beautiful day but still a little humid. Very hot and humid and a fast moving thunderstorm in the the middle of the night. It knocked out the electricity for 8 hours.

We had friends down from Bryan, Ohio so we really didn't notice much in the middle of summer. I guess it is actually the beginning summer, the summer solstice. Had sweet corn tassles today and some soybeans flowering!

I had a good visit with an old friend today, got to see his refurbished 2010 JD ready to take the the Wilmington Grand National Pull tonight as a tow off tractor.

He asked me one hard question. He said we need a book about the start of tractor pulling around here. Would you be the general author and editor? I was flabbergasted! I also would like to see a history of tractor pulling here, mine started in 1970 and that was way after my early neighbors.

I am going to have to think about that awhile!

Corn is growing like weeds in this heat, fast and furious!


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