Monday, June 1, 2009

Hard Times

It feels like hard times. I think we are being too hard on ourselves. So much is out of our control right now but so much still is.

We had just dozed off last night after 10 PM or so and both were awakened to this huge noise right in front of our house. We both looked at each and asked what was that?

I finally figured it out, someone had hit the curve sign right in front of our house. This morning you could see the tracks in the yard and the heavy sign bent double. Must have been a tough little car or truck to drive away from that!

I am surprised they never hit the Pecan tree or our mailbox. I barely heard them drive away but I know they did and saw the evidence of it this morning.

Neighbors have been calling each other around here as we see this kind of thing happen. I think it is worse than most years.

I blame it on hard times as people can't deal with what they are going through. Loss of jobs and the myriad of human problems are at a record high here as I also read they are many places.

Church attendance has been up around here so some people are turning a different direction for help, that I am sure of.

Got lots to do today so I better get running, have a good one.


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  1. Sorry to hear of the condition of your crop.I know what it is like as most any farmer has had a bad year sometime in their career.Things are looking pretty good here in southern Ashland County.Our light textured soils can be very forgiving of the adverse conditions that we have endured this spring.