Thursday, June 11, 2009


Farmers live by the weather. Your whole day is determined by what you find when you get up.

Today looks like a rainy one. We are afraid to have the rain switch turned off so we do something different, errands, work in the shop or try and get this office mess organized. Yuck. Lots of guys like to work in the shop but I don't share that blessing.

I sure don't like working in the office. I can count on one hand when LuAnn exclaimed your office looks good!

I have the bad habit of windshield scouting on a rainy day to see how the crops are doing. You get home and the shop and the office is still awaiting you.

It is dark and dreary here this morning, just what crops need in the middle of June. We sure could use some sunshine and heat but again we are afraid of that rain switch being turned off too long.

The power grid is offline in Hillsboro so LuAnn is doing the same thing I am right now, spending time on the computer.

I spend too much time here but it is the most fun thing for me to do. The deveil is the details so I better get to the details.

I got some good feedback on my blog yesterday about AgTalk.

If you ever wondered what farmers are thinking, it is a good place to start!

Ed Winkle

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