Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

I always thought that Mother's Day and Father's day was created to sell cards. Great idea but the reason was sales.

LuAnn's Mother's Day was Tara's Birthday. It turned out to be a bad day because she was hit in her car on SR 124 and Sharpsville Road. She never liked that road and we turned down a farm puchase on that road.

I always liked that old twisty turning road from Martinsville to Hillsboro, lots of lime quarries on it and that makes us money. You have to dig somewhere, right?

I had greetings from all our kids then Becky said she wanted to take us out for Father's Day. I got to thinking, we have fresh salad and berries and carrot cake, why not just come over with a Papa John's Pizza?

Liam just loves it here so I called her back and asked if she would just bring a pizza and Liam and Will.

They brought me a book on Kitty Hawk and the most awesome sound Greeting Card you can imagine. I heard LuAnn laughing with it this morning as we got ready for work.

Becky said Liam was in the pool with his cousin Shawn, whome he loves and when Becky tried to get him out he cried, No, I don't want to go. So she said do you want to go see Papaw Winkle? Bye Shawn, he was out of the pool.

You open the Papaw card with our picture of us messing around and there is Liam's voice, I love you Papaw! Then comes the music of I love you in my heart. I must have listened ten times this morning.

You guys made my day and I thank you for it. I think I will go listen to it again right now, you can't buy these moments, just build for it and it just happens.

It happened to me and I thank you!

This is the true meaning of life.

Ed Winkle

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