Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scouting Antiques

LuAnn likes to scout antiques, particularly furniture. Tonight we picked up a China Cabinet I left a bid on Sunday.

I bid so many dollars and it sold to me for less dollars so my praises to John Hanes, auctioneer from Hillsboro. He never ran me up and let it sell for an honest auction price.

How many people will do that these days?

It is craftman's style simple woodworking probably near a hundred years old. It fits the style of this house nicely.

The real kicker is it has the original glass throughout! That is getting hard to find these days. We were careful to get it home safely.

That LuAnn has taught me a lot about antiques. I think I have showed her a few things about crop production.

Our crops look good. Thank you Lord and thank you Les and Brad.


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