Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Good Day

It has been another good day here in southwest Ohio.

I am trying to get the crops laid by for harvest.

Laid by means the final spraying for weeds or other pests before harvest.

The beans look good. Almost knee high and flowering, we are so blessed. You guys in Illinois have my sympathy but not enouch to share in your misery. You have some of the best soil I ever laid hands on.

The 30 corn plots behind the house look good. I need to schedule the Corn College if I can pull it off. Farmers are thirsting for the knowledge I have sought all my life.

There is so much going on around here you wouldn't believe it. I have learned to pace myself a little better so I don't beat myself down so hard.

It is great to be husband, dad and grandpa. I can't walk past the kitchen table without hitting the Liam Card, I love you grandpa, then I love you with my heart music. Is that Phil Collins and Generation? Mind gets fuzzy over time.

I have been listening to my favorite rock band the Who again. I must be reflecting of my past. That is still good music though.

I don't think Sable likes it when I hit the button, she seems jealous.


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