Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cash for Clunkers

Has anyone looked into the new government program for a tax rebate on gas guzzling cars and pickup?

There needs to be a 10 MPG improvement and you can just about do that with six liter Chevy Silverado compared to a Duramax.

There have to be some loopholes so I am wary. Most locals laughed when they heard about the program. "What? I can't afford to buy anything!"

I would really like a 5 speed Dakota with Flex Fuel so I can burn the cheaper ethanol from Krogers. Duramax's are big rugged trucks and I don't need that for every day use. Typical day for me is 50-100 miles scouting fields.

We have finished up our certified wheat scouting and starting a new scouting program for Certified Weed Free Straw. That will be sold to landscapers and the Buckeye Express Pipeline project.

The cash crop for farmers though is soybeans and there are weeds in every field, regardless of program.

I doubt I will be driving a gas guzzler replacement to these fields but you have to explore every option.

If anyone has good insight on this new program, please let me know.

Guest bloggers welcome.

Ed Winkle

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