Friday, June 26, 2009


Remember TGIF? I haven't heard that in awhile but it sure rang a bell when I was teaching.

Thank God It's Friday! Worked hard all week for the hope of a weekend. Then came the phrase Weekend Warriors. Boats, jet skis, motorbikes, all kinds of toys were sold to the weekend warriors.

Rainy weekends were a real bummer unless you had lot of money in a crop like I did as a weekend warrior farmer. Ever hear of a million dollar rain? I have seen it and boy is it good! A million dollar flood is no fun and they usually end up in the tens of millions in damage.

Last night several powerful storms blew through, I heard a little hail again but we got another .6 on this crop. I don't think man could irrigate better than Mother Nature is right now. Crops are perfectly green and watered, makes one very humble when you read about others suffering. One of my friends in Missouri has no crop and his wheat is about shot.

LuAnn works 4-10 hour days so it is really TGIF for her. She gets to garden, go to auctions, whatever she can talk me into. She is very persuasive!

We are both hot and sweaty today. One of those days you hit the shower more than once. I pulled all the peas from Brian Taylor and we have 3 big freezer bags full. Time for another shot of sweet corn seed, but almost time for radish too. I love building soil!

I have to finish spraying and get this crop laid by until harvest. Then the fun starts again. October should be busy but right now I need to focus on assessing and reporting this crop as it enters maturity.

It sure is a beautiful day, wind blew the pollution out, the air is so clean and cool and we have more rain for our crop.

I couldn't have done any better.



  1. good to hear your crops are progressing well Ed! i just got around to joining, been reading since you sent the link a while ago. thanks, joe(nc)

  2. Joe how and you and dad doing? Think about you guys all the time. That was a once in a lifetime pass through Shawboro and meet you and your daddy. God Bless your Momma. Liam calls Becky Momma, reminds me of you. See, Yankees ain't so bad...