Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"The Llamas Are Out"

We were just getting into dinner tonight and our dear postmaster Sandy knocked on the door with a stricken look on her face.

She said the llamas are out, can you get them in?

Her brother is our neighbor across the road, they bought the old Ertel Farm. I said we would try so off we went.

I pulled my old hog showing cane off my office wall and headed to Gary's. Sandy said they were right here, grazing in the front yard!

A big thunderstorm was coming up so they were right by the gate they came out of. One of the kids must have left it unlatched or the llamas figured out how to open it. Sable has been doing that sort of thing.

I opened the gate and they walked right in. Would have been a neat time to see Sable's herding skills but it wasn't the right time for that.

It just made us feel good that our neighbors would ask us for help. My dad was the best animal husband I ever saw, so I had good training. I wish all livestock were as easy to handle as those llamas, they are so tame.

A thought came to mind when Sandy asked for help, oh no, livestock out. I have bad memories of chasing cows all over northern Brown and southern Highland Counties.

This was nothing like that. Still, it felt good to help a neighbor like this.

Again I say we have the best neighbors you could ask for here in Martinsville, Ohio. Best place I ever lived and that is saying some.

I need to write some blogs about my livestock stories but believe me they are a little hard on me! I guess it made me a better person and pointed me to soils and crops, my first love.


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  1. The Newman's just brought us a fresh strawberry pie out of their garden in thanks for getting their girls back in the pen. They are good people and we try to be! What a good neighborhood!