Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dumping Good Auto Dealers

LuAnn, Sable and I scouted fields all over southern Ohio today. Listening to Mike McConnell on 700 WLW, we heard him interview the owner of Rose Chevrolet in Hamilton, Ohio.

The owner said they made the first round cuts but missed the second round. What? Rose Chevrolet is one of the top dealers in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Rose Chevrolet in Butler County was sixth in sales last year of 47 greater Cincinnati dealers. They were two sales away from number 4. They have notice that GM no longer needs them after October 2010.

They are rated at the top for sales and excellence.

What is going on here?

Is the Democratic controlled GM trying to get rid of all the good Republican dealers? I know it sounds absurd but could it possibly be true?

I figure the least we can do is bombard the email box.

I sent one, tell them your thoughts on eliminating GM dealers.

Makes absolutely no sense to me!

I told LuAnn not to buy GM stock yet until this shakes out. She has a little stock fund she is playing with to make up for last years losses.

She bought Ford though at $1.50 and now it is $6.00 Run and hide!

At least this good GM dealer is fighting for his rights which I think are well earned.

Take a look at his website, flood CAC's email box.

Might be a waste of time but it seems everything else is anyway!



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