Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We had a big storm blow through last night. It rained and howled most of the night.

LuAnn and I always try to guess how much and I guessed .6 inches and she guessed three quarters. There was two inches in the rain gauge!

We have never had that kind of rain here in June since we moved here so Sable and I went to look at our crops. Went we crossed the covered bridge, I could see the Little East Fork was full. As soon as you crossed the bridge, there was corn under water everywhere.

That reminded me of 63 and 68 when we had corn under water from the White Oak Creek. Dad lost 100 acres of beautiful corn in 63, including my 10 acre FFA corn plot which was judged as the best project of the Eastern Brown FFA Chapter.

One of those two years, I can't remember which, the Equity Feed Mill gave dad all the corn cobs they had to help dad feed the cows. Those cows were skinny when they calved the next spring but he had 100% calf crop which is the goal the cattleman shoots for. Ground cob and molasses was about all those cows got with their hay. That taught me a lot about having too much flesh on females at birth.

We got the rain, now we need some heat. Sunlight and heat is the prescription for heavy soils. It doesn't look like that for a few days so disease pressure will be higher later on. Scouting won't end this summer until the combine rolls through and we will still be scratching our heads. What all happened this year?


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