Sunday, May 31, 2009

Close call last night

We noticed the thunderheads about bedtime and started watching TV before we went to bed. About that time an alert goes off and funnel clouds were spotted in our county and all over SW Ohio.

We looked out the window heading up the stairs and there sat the storm spotters in the curve of Martinsville Road from the local fire department.

It was eerie calm here with a few gusts of winds and finally another .3 of rain. We have been getting nice showers since planting but that is not the way you want to get them!

We left the TV on upstairs and dozed off. When we woke up to turn of the TV the warnings were called off.

It turned out that the one that touched down did it right on NOAA's property about 8 miles north of us! I didn't see any wind or hail damage today thankfully but that was a close call!

Our kids accuse of heading out of town everytime a big storm comes through like the tornado that went through our property on Good Friday of 2006. We were in NY and when we got home, there sat the two car garage right on top of the bushes! I cleaned up that mess all summer!

I am very happy we were luckier this time. Hope you were too!


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