Monday, May 4, 2009

Heavy Mind

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago but the theme is getting the beans planted. This could be the week.
I have got a lot on my mind this morning but it is all good stuff. This could be the week for soybeans. This could be the week that determines our profit on this farm this year.

I feel so blessed to be in this situation. I sold my NH-275 hay baler yesterday to a nice guy not far away. He wants to bale 10,000 bales this summer and this baler will do it for much less than a new baler price. It turned out we have a lot of the same friends. This is one of those good deals for both parties. I love it when that happens as it always should in my way of thinking.

LuAnn and I picked up 10 bags of corn seed for an old friend Saturday. He called me and said he planted the $200 plus seed last year and it didn't make any more than the $100 seed I had gotten for him years before. I found some for him and picked it up and need to deliver it this week.

I would do anything for Francis. He is up in years and has new homes all around his farm. He won't sell out. His daughter was my secretary in Extension for years and we became good friends.

The boys have the four bins down to two. We would like to get that delivered to the river this week before planting takes all our time. You have to keep busy when you can't plant. I need to find enough trucks to haul 15,000 bushels today and all the trucks are busy doing the same thing as we are.

The former owners stopped by yesterday afternoon. LuAnn finally got to show Betty what she had done to her house. Betty was more than pleased and told her she was ready to move back in. LuAnn has been able to do what Betty wanted to do for years.

I had a good talk with Phillip. I know he is very proud of his son and grandson. He should be. They are good farmers and model citizens. Again I am so blessed to get to work with such fine people, the kind of people I like to be around. That makes life sweet.

Sable was sure happy to see us The lady at Happy Tails greeted me and said look at Sable. She was outside with the other dog guests and walking stride in stride over a small dog. She never even heard me come in or noticed my voice, she was so much into the other dogs there. It was pretty cool.

It should be an interesting week here. Hope it is a good one for both of us.

Ed Winkle

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