Thursday, May 21, 2009

What a life

In the past three weeks we have witnessed living and dying and living.

First, my dear cousins Michelle's husband diead at age 54. He suffered so much with MS and final spinal cancer. The Catholics would say he paid his Purgatory here on earth.

Michelle looked to be doing great after the turmoil. We had lunch with her on High Street or SR 23 in Worthington at a French Bistro last week. It was so good to see her doing well.

Then LuAnn's dad passed away at age 85, just like my dad. I will miss talking to him and all his stories of the past from Ellenville NY to Indiana to Naples NY. He was quite a guy and left a loving spouse of 60 years and three children and their children and their children.

In the middle of this his grandson David Bow was raised to Staff Sargent in the US Army. Congratulations, David. He and his wife Jenny will be adopting children this summer. We pray for them.

Gordon's funeral was Tuesday. It was wonderful, such a tribute to a man. Remined me of Dad's, we did the very best we could under the circumstances.

This ordeal has made us look at our own estate more carefully. There are so many rules and regulations to be followed.

It is easier to live than it is to die in the United States!

Living is hard enough but man when you throw all these regulations at us...

I have to go fill a seed tender, we are planting as hard as we can.

Thank you Lord for planting days in May. I wanted to be done by May 5 but that went by the wayside.

We are just very happy to be planting today.


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