Friday, May 22, 2009


It is another Good Friday just like a few weeks ago.

Farmers can farm, gardners can plant and what is planted is growing like a weed.

I don't envy custom applicators, they have had their hands full the last month and it culminated into a really busy week. They are trying to apply fertilizers and chemicals under every condition you can think of.

I talked to one of our custom applicator sales agronomists this morning and he was just shaking his head. He said you guys are so easy to apply for, you know what you want and you lay it out. We go do it.

Others change their minds or get upset when a boom sprays onto a waterway. You won't every make those people happy though you try.

I have always tried to make people happy but you know, a lot of it is in their own hands if they would just look into the mirror.

I have come to the place I will do everything in my power to do things right but some things I won't do right. I am human and I fail, though I try too hard, often too hard for my own good.

Had a dear friend gentleman call last night just needing a bag of corn to finish. I can have something up there first thing tomorrow, Francis. That would be great he said.

Francis has been offered $30,000 per acre for his farm near the cities. He won't sell. You have to admire his spunk. All he ever wanted to do was own and farm that farm and he did it and is still doing it.

I looked all over and found three bags of test seed I never got planted. Then Les told me he had planter clean out sitting in a barn 20 miles east of here and you can give it to him if you go get it.

I drove the extra miles and took the leftover seed to my friend. You would have thought you gave him a winning lottery ticket!

We poured the seed into his old Deutz Allis planter, which I had encouraged him to buy years ago, and off he went planting. Such a joy to see, it truly was.

It is so good to help people who ask for help and you have just what they need.

That is what life is all about, isn't it?



  1. It that the Allis planter in the photo? Looks like oliver paint and boxes. Thought it was an old Oliver plate planter at first. It is nice to be able to help folks. Kind of makes it all worthwhile.

  2. That's a Deutz-Allis planter but the boxes are identical to the old Oliver plate planter we had. I spent my life helping folks and they have sure helped me!