Thursday, May 7, 2009

Still Can't Plant

Farmers aren't worth a hoot when they can't plant. They get all itch and nasty, no fun to be around.

It rained so much yesterday my little corn got covered in the bottom ground. I think I need a load of lime or gypsum dumped in that one spot. We sure need some heat on the whole thing.

A driver was helping us load out corn yesterday. I said my corn is up and he looked over and said he didn't know it was planted. That is the ultimate compliment to a no-till farmer. We tip toe in and we tip toe out. David is a tractor puller and I love watching him and his buddies pull like I used to.

On a very sad not, my cousins husband died Tuesday. He suffered so long with MS and then with spinal cancer. His funeral is Saturday. My cousin is the youngest of ten cousins on dad's side, I pray she has a life after all of this.

LuAnn's dad had a massive heart attack yesterday. She is with him now. Gordon is tough and I don't think this is his last. He cried when he shook my hand Saturday because he knows he is close. I will cry too.

Mike Lutmer came to help haul corn, our clutch is out and the contract needs to be filled. He is so young and energetic, he took my mind off a lot of things.

Tom Rhodes came from Greenfield to figure out how to wire the old hog barn again. It sure is a puzzle, been disconnected for 30 years. I am tired of looking at it empty for five years. We will park small stuff in it and leaved the big barn to big machinery. There is too much small stuff in there.

I wish I could do that stuff, there is big money in that. No I have to farm, the lowest paid position on earth if you can make it. I just got a $35,000 fertilizer bill.

Tomorrow the sun will come up and go down whether I make it or not.

Think about that.

Ed Winkle


  1. I'll keep you and LuAnn and her family in my prayers. Your cousin as well.I'll also prayer that the sun comes out and the rain take a rest for several weeks( Farming can be hard when it stays wet to long). The world needs the farmer now more than ever. God Bless Jackie

  2. Thanks Jackie, I really appreciate that. Gordon is tough and doing well considering. Mom just can't take care of him anymore and of course they want to live like they used to. I can't say I would be any different.

  3. Please read this with a smile...
    Life is a bitter struggle-you put one foot in front of the other. You do the best you can, pray for those who need it, help those in need, and do the best you can. It sounds depressing but I find that getting the bad news out of the way first thing in the morning helps me be more positive though out the day.
    What is the worst thing that can happen? How do I make it better?
    Anyway, I needed to repeat that to myself this morning anyway!
    Our triticale is under 1" of water and sprouting. Field is on flat river-bottom ground and even though the river is not flooding- the ground is saturated and there is no where for the water to go. If the sun comes out we will kind of have stir-fry I think.
    Hope things go better for you. If you need a break you can come out and help me work on White tractors. Getting the fuel tank back in is the hardest part!!!!
    Will keep you and your family in prayers

  4. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    I have tried to do everything you said.

    Can't help you with 2-135 though!

    That is the nicest tractor I ever drove.

    The 9695 Agco just isn't that nice but it is pretty good.

  5. Ed, Hope LuAnn's father is better this am. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys.
    Sounds as if you guys are wetter than we are. We just about dry out then catch another half in shower.
    Have had a ditching machine setting in the field all spring it seems like. Might start mudding in the mains in today. Bill

  6. Miraculously he is doing better. We really thought he was gone. He was sitting up and eating today like nothing happened.

    I doubt we are much wetter here, I know everyone is antsy, the April dream is gone and May is slipping away!

    Oh it will all get done someway and your tile will pay forever. I have 5 acres that needs some help, everything runs to it but it would cost a fortune to run a bigger main to Little East Fork.