Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Swine flu my rear! The more I watched the news last night the angrier I got. H1N1 has never been found in swine. It is H1N1 originating from Mexico City.

This reminds me when Oprah killed the beef industry with her anti-hamburger tactics years ago. Many farmers and buyers never recovered from this irresponsible reporting.

I wonder how many hog operations will be lost in this ordeal? Hogs won't get butchered, their owners will!

The media is out of control. You can't even find facts from them, just bits and pieces used to contrive a belief I don't agree with.

At least this reporter got it right but she is in Iowa and no one listens to her even if they are running for president:

"Swine flu is the new scary disease affecting the world. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between regular influenza and the newest variety. Symptoms include cough, chills, achiness, vomiting, and diarrhea. At this point, Iowa has not experienced any case of the swine flu physically. Financially speaking, however, things are much different. The swine flu is a risk to the Iowa economy as well as the health of it's inhabitants.

Swine flu fear
Many people fear that eating pork will expose them to swine flu. In fact, this is not the case. The pork National Pork Board in the United States says that this particular strain of the flu will not spread through meat consumption. Since Iowa is the number 1 pork producer in the country, people are now looking here for answers.

Effect on Wall Street
Not only did the price of pork dropped suddenly on Monday, there was also a ripple effect for the rest of the agricultural economy. In direct response to the pork stock prices, corn and beans also dropped. This is not a good time for Iowa farmers.

Swine flu myth
At this point, there is absolutely no evidence that this viral strain even came from a pig. Even though this is true, it's hard to convince a country of scared people that they won't get the swine flu eating Iowa or USA pork products. By all means, keep your family safe, but feel rest assured that your pork is not infected with disease."

I wonder what the next story will be they blow out of proportion?

Can you imagine getting put out business by the media alone?

My pork producing neighbors don't deserve them. Support them the next time you eat out or shop at the grocery store.


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