Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We all hate going to the dentist. We know we need good teeth for good nutrition but the scary thought of having your teeth worked on has been past down a long time.

I am sure part of our longevity is due to dentists. My parents took me as a child to Dr. Roy Rogers in Hillsboro. He is no relation to the Roy Rogers we knew as kids but he had the picture with him and Roy signed and hanging in his office.

Today I took my mother to another dentist in Hillsboro for three hours of dental work. She never got in to see a dentist after dad died in 2001 so it was no easy task.

They had planned an IV sedation but the dentist said her veins are shot, literally that is what he said so he ended up giving her a half dose IM or Intra Muscular.

He got done quicker than expected but she just looked terrible. She hung like a rag doll all the way home off the seat belt in the truck.

Got to Sardinia and she popped right up. Time to feed my dogs. No mom, you are to lay down and take it easy for 24 hours. 24 hours, you kidding me? I got dogs and cows to feed!

Parents, God love'em. That would include me and LuAnn when we tell our children things they don't want to hear. This time the kids have to tell the parents what they don't want to hear.

We have both been doing this now since I met LuAnn. Since then both our dad's have passed away and we are dealing with our mothers. They raised us up and are still willing to take us out!

I have not been looking forward to today for a long time and she did a good job making my fears come to life.

We have 70 acres of beans to plant yet and start scouting everything we already planted.

Tonight is the Mass for LuAnn's dad at the local church.

I just want to get back to "normal." What is normal these days?

I sure hope you all had a better day than I did.

I leave you with a beautiful picture of my friend's winter barley, won't be long until its harvest.

Ed Winkle

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