Saturday, May 30, 2009

My corn doesn't look too hot

Of course it has been a challenging growing year. My best field I pushed the window a little too hard and have Sonic Herbicide carryover from last year. It hasn't killed it but it doesn't look to happy. There is your problem with Non GMO's right there and a reason why the invented RR Soybeans and RoundUp to spray on it.

To add insult to injury I decide to plant a 30 variety test plot in that field. Well I did it and found every variation ever seen by man. Each one expresses its own characteristic to the carryover, the notill and especially the weather.

I love it when a plan comes together but this one never came. I just hope it doesn't fall apart. I am pretty hard on myself and I have seen worse corn, at least it doesn't have to be planted over.

When I used Sonic to control my roundup resistant weeds last summer, I said hmmm, I wonder if this will carry over to next year's crop? I even used a lower rate because it was late and it sure controlled last years weeds. The only weeds I have this year are perennials.

It sure is a good herbicide but you better study and follow the label!

How many mistakes can a man make in one year? I guess a whole bunch!


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