Sunday, May 17, 2009

Circle of Life

We went through the circle of life the past two weeks.

LuAnn's dad had a massive heart attack, actually three or four and passed away early Thursday morning. Within 48 hours another great grandson was born to take his place.

After a long labor, Stacy gave birth to Tyler James Cleveland first thing Saturday morning, and I do mean first thing. His birth day could have been May 15 but he was born after midnight on the 16th.

Eric did a great job as first time dad. He said something yesterday we won't forget. He said he woke up and realized that now they aren't just a couple, they are a family.

Tyler is the prettiest little guy you ever saw. No blemishes and a head of dark hair while his mom and dad are both blondes.

Thanks sincerely for all the prayers for both and I know many of you did. It has been quite some two weeks trying to do our work and give proper attention to both. Without our close family and friends and partners here we couldn't be where we are!

I quickly found two appropriate poems, I need to write my own.

Circle of Life
by Shelly Middleton

The leaves have turned from green to brown,
those have fallen to the ground.

Some are orange and some are red,
those still linger over head.

The air has turned from warm to chilled.
The harvest sets out in the field.

Soon the trees will all be bare.
The winter chill will soon be here.

The snow will fall and cover the land,
a beautiful white like ocean sand.

Nights grow long, days disappear.
But hope falls eternal, spring is so near.

Flowers will bloom in the defrosted ground.
A seasons renewal, rebirth will be found.

Then summer burns the daylight bright.
Children play into the night.

Circle of Seasons from dark into light,
remind us forever of the circle of life.

And this one reminds me of my Native American friends:


Circle of Life

We sit in the circle,
The circle of fire
Visions appear in our minds,
burning in the fire light
It was power we possessed
Each of us make our own circle
of birth to death
It’s complete before it starts,
reborn to die again

We feel the power
as we see the future
and the past
We are the visions
appearing in the fire light
The ashes blow into the sky
The dust of earth is stirring
Our souls arise from within
The circle of life

©Dale CJ Clark

A blessed Sunday to you all!

Ed and LuAnn


  1. Congratulations and condolences in the same sentence! The other Sunday they were talking about a terrible traffic accident where someone was killed, then the next announcement was of the birth of a little girl. I don't think of myself as profound so I didn't say anything in church but no one knows me here so...
    It makes you stop and think about the extremes of life. Deep pain should make you appreciate great happiness. Great happiness helps you understand and appreciate the loss of a loved one and sustains you through suffering. I think if you spend all your time denying your pain or ignoring it, or rationalizing it away then you can't appreciate your moments of happiness.
    Others have said it better, but I don't have references from literature on the tip of my tongue.

  2. Thanks. Are you done planting out there? We are half done, could be done this week if weather cooperates.

  3. It is pretty wet. Planted 7 acres saturday. Lots of adjusting, fertilizer drive problems, trouble driving straight. Ran out of seed in one row while watching fertilizer instead of monitor. Monday will be better.
    Or not...

  4. The Martin system is allowing us to plant. We could be done by Sunday.