Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Best Blog

I still don't like that word blog. It has a yucky sound to it. I have written over 100 of them now in a few short months. It has become addictive like tractor pulling was to me in the 70's.

I have been trying to figure out how to save these for posterity and haven't motivated myself to a conclusion I would actually carry out. Any ideas? I have so many hours invested in this I don't want it to go poof and its gone like some of my early email when my computer crashed due to my ignorance.

Today I would like to offer a prize for my best blog. Which one is it? I have so many favorites.

I just linked one of them to NAT when we were talking about the greatest invention in our lifetime. For farmers, inventions like the Internet, semiconductors, hydraulics and even skid steer loaders were being discussed.

Now what could I offer you that would make you participate? I can afford something around $100, about the minimum amount it would take to get me to participate if I were you.

I have seed, inoculants, advice, collectables and other items that are worth over $100 I could offer. A gift card might be the easiest so you can buy what you want. So I guess I will make it YOUR choice. You name the prize if you are selected and I will try my best to give that to you.

If you are selected, I would like to write a column just about you. That might eliminate some potential contestants but that would be interesting for me, the person paying the bill.

It would make it easier for me if you were a member of google so you could post comments. Most of you aren't I see. I need some kind of poll device to record answers, here is where I need Paul Butler or some of my tech friends ideas. I would really like to know what my readers are thinking.

Since I don't know how to do that I will have to ask you to email me to cast your vote or write a comment at the end of this blog. I know emailing me reveals your identity but I think you can comment anonymously if you can figure out how to do it.

This is probably a crazy idea but I am a curious person. I really want to know what you think and why would be even better. This would give me a clue which direction to go in future posts.

I need to conclude this by the end of the month so contest ends April 30. I am really looking forward to your opinion.

Ed Winkle


  1. I would love to find one of those tractors in real life. Only in yellow. FWA, cab...
    Hard to pick a favorite post. I like the stories about your family. Like the no-till info. It sort of all goes together.

  2. So many good blogs to choose from how could one possibly select one as being the best.To me virtually all of them are interesting and or informative.When I look at the post times I can only wonder when do you sleep?A suitable prize for me would be to spend a day with you as you make your rounds.I think it would be a great learning experience.Thanks for your efforts and please keep it up.Terry

  3. Come on down! Visitors welcome! My wife got on me for the posting times, thining I was getting up in the middle of the night to write. Although I HAVE been guilty of that, I found out the time listed is Pacific Time, 3 hours behind us!

    Thanks for the compliments but come, you have to choose a favorite and your reason why!

    This wasn't some vague offer!

    Here is your chance to pick my brain and my pocketbook!

  4. Right now it probably has to be the parts runner blog. I think it's pretty neat finding out little things that a person has done in their lifetime. I will expand more in an email later

  5. Hey that worked posting. Last time I tried it wouldn't work

  6. It is a funny machine, Brian. I don't like the pass word all the time but like the security.

    The parts runner blog is right at the top right now.

    I am proudest of my Hybrid Corn blog but it has no votes! That population chart link is the neatest thing I have found on the Internet to prove my point.

    Now if I could get most readers to post like you and the others have.

    Nancy and some others quit posting comments, maybe they lost interest in this endeavor. To be honest I have to go read her's at the Aleksander House in Louisville, Kentucky.