Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trip to Ky

We enjoyed a little trip to Vanceburg, Kentucky today. It was a beautiful day and we wandered down to Tracy Cooper's auction house on Route 9, the AA Highway. First guy I run into is Donald Dye who farms near mom's farm where I was raised. LuAnn says I can't go anywhere without knowing someone!

They had some neat furniture, very old and well preserved and lots of old, old toys. They were bringing good money so we eventually left. We went up to Salt Lick Road and I think we found the Jones Cemetary where some of Grandma Carrington's family are buried. It was across a stream though, and the stream looked to high to walk or drive across so we saved that for another trip.

The flowering crabapples and such are all in full bloom and it is beautiful. It was too warm for a long sleeve shirt. As soon as we crossed the Ohio back to home you could feel the temperature difference.

I see my friend Kelly talked about the NASA solar activity link I sent him on Radio Check, Over. Check it out, it is on my favorites links. The solar low activity is affecting radio signals and our weather. How that will all turn out I am not sure.

The volcanoes spewing around the world are having an effect on weather, too. Maybe that will give us time to get the final touches to the equipment for the planting run soon to come. It isn't late yet but I will be ready to plant after Easter and that is next Sunday.

We moved Sable's crate to the side porch so she would have somewhere to lay when she got bored and it seemed to work well. I have to get a picture of her and an update, she must be 60 lbs now. She helped us go get wood as they are predicting some low temperatures this week.

I hope no farmers lose their wheat or barley crops but we won't know until we examine some plants after this passes and we examine a lot of plants.

That is what happened here today. What happened your way?

Ed Winkle

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