Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little Miss Winkle

I just met my fifth grandchild, Claire Evelyn Winkle. Corbin has a sister now!

I am not very good at trait resemblence but she sure looks her brother and her brother is a good part of her dad and mom. Most beautiful skin you ever saw. Don't you love the smell of newborns? One of God's Wonders, beats the Seven Wonders of the World.

At least she doesn't have dad's and my big Winkle ears. Liam sure does!

Had this dream about Matt having a baby last night and was driving down the road with a load of corn seed. It was Becky, Matt's sister, and she said Rachel is at the Hospital. I told her I had a dream about a baby last night and I guess that is it!

I called LuAnn and told her and she was at Stacy's baby shower for Tyler Cleveland, her little boy to be. Grandma had a great time shopping for baby boy clothers yesterday but we never thought to shop for little girls! Matt and Rachel didn't want to know what the baby was but that it be healthy. She is!

I called my sister Linda and she was with Lisa Jo waiting on her little boy to come. Lisa said congratulations to cousin Matt but she was bummed. She wants to have that baby!

What a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky, bright sunlight, you could even see every building detail driving into Columbus. Just like Little Miss Winkle, bright, clear and sunny.

Thank you Lord, I am one lucky guy.

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