Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Little Josh

We got to meet Joshua Michael Blakeman Monday. Josh is the son of Lisa Jo and Michael Blakeman of Gallia County. When my sister called and told us about his birth, we decided to run down for a visitation.

Gallia County is about 100 miles SE of us. We took 32, the Appalachian Highway down and US 35 back home. It was a good but fast trip but well worth the while.

We parked at the hospital and there was brother Luke right beside us. He said, Hey Uncle Ed, I thought that was you! They were all very surprised to see us as I didn't tell them, of course. I l ike surprise visits and I think they did too.

Josh is long and slender like his dad. He had the most attentive blue eyes I have seen in a newborn. He kept looking at my hat until I showed him the pretty flowers on the shelf. His eyes just went all over those flowers.

Well, two out of four is here. Claire, Josh, then Tyler, then Lillian I think. Liam and Lilly, that is a good pair to ponder.

The farmers best crop is his kids and we are growing a big one down here in southwest Ohio.

Oh, Josh does have long toes like me. I asked them if they could throw a basball with their foot like I can and they just gave me this big look!

Isn't life grand?

Ed Winkle

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