Tuesday, April 28, 2009


PGD is my abbreviation for a pretty good day. I started off with phone calls and email and chores around here then went to mom's to take her to the dentist. The big day is one month from now, won't be fun for her or me.

I got home in time to finish off the pork roast I had cooking and LuAnn added some garden vegetables and brown long grain rice. It was very tasty! We have this knack after all these years of throwing something together and it was every bit as good as the meal before.

I don't have a sprayer yet so still depend on the custom applicators. Low and behold in came Allen White on a local spray rig, a Rogator 1084 and laid down 30 gallons of 28% nitrogen, a quart of Gramoxone, 2 lbs of atrazine and 5 ounces of Corvus herbicide on our test plot.

It drizzled most of the afternoon but was pretty well dry by the time he got here. I was very impressed how this once Warren County 4-H'er used the GPS on that rig to spray my field to the "tee." I am going to email his boss, he was very particular and I think he did the best job he could have given the conditions he was working with.

Then we got into the old red Dodge Dakota to harrass some grandkids but couldn't find anyone at home. Liam was with mom somewhere and Madison and Brynn were still probably at soccer but we had fun on the road trip anyhow.

I mowed a little, put the battery charger on the Grand Prix I had intended to use to take mom to the dentist with and now it is nearly dark and I am writing this.

We are still looking for dry ground to plant into so that takes a lot of the day but all in all it was a pretty good day.

I see corn and wheat came up a little but beans were down 15 cents. The markets are still shaky from the flu news. I think beans will come back before they hit bottom this fall but who knows. I need to price this new crop for a possible profit.

I took some pictures of Allen spraying but haven't uploaded them yet. Maybe I have a couple of older pictures of this field being sprayed.

How was your day?

Ed Winkle

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