Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 18

Three months ago was the Sunday we picked up Sable. What a wild and wonderful 3 months since she "moved here." She is one smart dog and my pickup truck buddy now.

She did her dogly duty last night when I killed a tractor and LuAnn said she bolted out of a dead sleep to my side 1000 feet away when she heard the engine stop. A new UPS driver showed up and she got right between the truck and LuAnn with a fierce bark. LuAnn was impressed.

She is one of the prettiest dogs I ever saw and sure has a stay near your foot personality. But she will play in the yard all day waiting for you go give her some good old fashioned attention.

She even let LuAnn plant in the garden without digging up the seeds faster than you can put them in. She sure has come a long way in 3 months.

Farmers are itching to plant. The time for a killing frost is about gone. We are just waiting for good planting conditions. It will take a good two weeks to get most of it done and when you throw in a couple of rains it soon becomes a month.

We would like to be done by May 5 but that is slipping away each day. Not a bad thing, it is all about maximizing photosynthesis which our profits depend on.

Liam has mastered metamorphosis, maybe it's time to talk about photosynthesis.

Sable has mastered many things. The funniest is when she bites her tale and does a cartwheel. I never saw a dog do that before, either.

Ed Winkle

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