Sunday, April 19, 2009


LuAnn and I love home cooked food. When we are traveling our rules are stay off Interstates and eat at local diners only.

We found a "new" old diner today. It used to be the Fireside Inn near Allensburg on US 50 but now it is Ty's Place. We had the best breakfast we have had in a long, long time!

The Fireplace Inn was brick but Ty remodeled the building and it looks more like a Cracker Barrell now with rocking chairs on the big front porch.

I remember the diners in Maine, Illinois, Idaho, and Colby, Kansas. Our local one was every bit as good, maybe better!

Perhaps we are tired of cereal and yogurt but LuAnn had sausage links and eggs and I had bacon and eggs, we both had hash browns. "It was to die for," is her favorite statement on good cooking.

It was pretty but tasted even better, ever entree was equally hot, hard to do in a diner. The toast was hot, the eggs were hot, the meat was hot and the potatoes were hot.

The best part was it was ten dollars for both of us! I gave the waitress a $5 tip, could have been more. You would pay over twice that at Bob Evan's or Frisch's and wouldn't have been as good.

I told the owner Ty what we thought and he said you have to come try our fish fry. We will! He is the son of the folks that own the popular Y restaurant on US 62 and SR 321. They always have a packed house and Ty will too.

Afterwards we completed our "field trip" with a visit to Grant's Farm and Greenhouse on Bucktown Road. He has an Open House each year with 20% off to get your spring plantings off to a quick start.

I had just bought most of our fruit trees there last week and an aborvitae to replace the one for Tara and Erik that died last year. The trees look good, the early ones are blooming and the others have green buds. This isn't good weather for planting corn but it is about ideal for planting nursery stock.

I met Danny when when I started teaching at CNE(Clermont Northeastern) in 1994. We have been good friends since and I had his two children in my class. He is a strong supporter of community and the FFA.

Now he deals with Matt at Fayetteville like he used to do with me. We still like to shop there and talk on one of our plant field trips. Our problem is we have so many friends in the plant business!

This started as a blog on diners and has already went the path of agriculture. That is typical for me. I hear rain drops on the window so it looks like the cloudy week will continue to halt our start to planting.

What is your favorite place to eat?

Ed Winkle


  1. Ok this is my new favorite post. I've always wanted to travel the country trying hamburgers at Mom and Pop diners and interviewing the owners. Would make a good coffee table book.
    Some of these folks are really interesting and some of the food is amazing.

  2. I wish, I wish we would have kept a journal Budd. We have found the finest diners in the country and there are so many great ones! Fast food is a bad word in this household. I don't think we stayed in Oregon long enough to find one. I don't forget the Columbia River Valley though and Dead Man's Curve, I remember that like yesterday. Maybe this fall a bunch of us can get together as we plan our trip to the Willamette Valley. When you meet LuAnn, be sure to ask her about the smokey nasty diner in Blanchester! Best fish fry in town but Etta Lee's has taken them over for HER favorite... Nice place where the family likes to meet.