Thursday, April 16, 2009


After watching the only coverage of Tea Parties across the country last night I had to wonder if we are becoming split as a country?

There seems to be a deep divide between right and wrong, good and bad, left and right.

Some people just don't get it. Can't they see our country is going the wrong direction? Some people seem oblivious to it.

I look at our little grandchildren and just have to wonder what kind of legacy are we leaving them? LuAnn and I are doing all we can but it just doesn't seem to be enough. There are too many people heading the opposite direction from us.

Was this the beginning of change for the good yesterday or a one time show? The future will tell but it has to be the beginning if we are to set our path straight.

"In the last 2 centuries, the American Dream can be summed up by people acting on an opportunity to provide a better life for their children. That dream is being threatened with up to $15 trillion of additional debt being added in the last 6 months-Bush’s bailouts included. (According to the Presidents own New Era of Responsibility page 113) To put this in perspective, one trillion seconds ago, was 31,688 years! A 20 year old right now will have to pay $114,000 in his or her lifetime to service the interest of this scheme! Most folks don’t know these details as the media and the administration is not forthright with the facts and seems to be allergic to logic. No wonder mainstream media ratings are slipping and newspapers are folding.

We need to spread the opportunity and work ethic, the wealth will follow. And we need honesty and integrity to be earned by our elected officials- a tough proposition indeed but we can influence with our vote.

I did not see any protestors at our event but I did get into a discussion with a guy who I believe just showed up to see what was happening. He said, “Why are all these angry people here on a rainy day to attack the Obama administration”. I replied, “Do you see any angry people here? We are here because we are concerned with irresponsible spending in Washington of both parties and are worried about the effect it will have on our countries future. It’s not the government’s money- it’s our money”. He soon walked off.

This is a battle between responsibility and absolute power grabs by irresponsible politicians. We can’t keep on spending money we don’t have. No business undertakes the model our Government is currently engaging. There’s a lot of apathy and quite a few folks take for granted what we have. We are the government’s boss-don’t forget that!"

I can't say it better than that and I thank my friend for saying it. It is so true to me that I offer it up here.

I cringe at the thought of what has to happen to keep us from splitting or trying to put it back together after it does. I think everyone does so we just keep on ignoring it but you know it has to happen.

What do you think?

Ed Winkle


  1. Your last comment is pretty scary, but sadly may be true. As long as you have a system that robs Peter to pay Paul you will always get a vote from Paul. Unfortunately more and more seeing the government that way-more as a handout than a hand up.

  2. It took me a little while to find your comment on my China post. Thanks so much for linking to my blog, supporting the FFA, and being an advocate for agriculture!

  3. Rumor is that Obama is working towards getting the 13 million illegals legalized and you know they will be forever democrats. Really scary but roots of a new party may be growing. I always wanted to see a party of Common Sense, something sorely lacking in our country.

    Katie, Blue and Gold was my life and the finest educational organization in the world.

    I have to support my passion, agriculture, the backbone of life and economy.

    My trip to China changed my life forever for the good and helped prepare me for tday.

    Thanks for posting!