Monday, April 6, 2009

Sable Speaks!

Hi, I am Sable, the famous Germand Shepherd you heard about. My master went to get his haircut and forgot to lock the door again! Ha ha, I know how to get in!

I watch him typing on this keyboard so it can't be too hard.

Boy, I got lucky when he and my other Master, I think he calls her Monk picked me up on January 18. He got her all these flowers the next day, I wondered which one was dying!

Oh well, neither one did, good for me. They spoil me rotten. If Monk knew what he lets me get away with when she goes to work, we would both be in Big Trouble! I hate that word trouble when they say it because then they are mad at me. I don't even know what I did, I am just a pup!

I am a pretty big pup though and the doctor said I weighed 54 lbs. Bet I weigh over 60 now, I am growing fast. Sorry, the picture doesn't do me justice, I am much bigger, just come and look!

Silly Ed lost his camera in Louisville so now he is using this antique from Eric. Better some pictures then none I guess.

They don't see how I am getting so big since I don't like that stupid Puppy Chow so at night I just get in the fridge and chow down. They don't even know its missing!

The other day he took me to the seed house. I got out and started sniffing around this strange place but he saw me and put me back in the truck. When he walked away, this dumb little dog came up barking at me like the little pest he is. I just listened awhile then stuck my head out the window to answer. Scared the pants off that little dog, he just crawled away! When he came back though he was much nicer. I don't bark too often because it scares humans. I can't help it I got this big deep bark for a girl!

Oops, I hear his truck coming so I better get off here and sign out or whatever they do and let myself back into my cage. I will act so innocent when he comes in the door.



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