Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I just read the 10 Industries That Are Surviving on MSN Money. Like most American's, the writers missed the Story. The story is Agriculture which is surviving quite nicely in these hard times.

The first paragraph tells about how drywall sales have dried up for US Gypsum. Well guess what? Agricultural scientists have discovered that gypsum improves air and water movement in the soil if gypsum is applied to it each year!

We have been talking about that fact on this blog since we started January 1, 2009. Just like Ben Franklin discovered over 200 years ago on the hills of Philadelphia, a half ton of gypsum spread per acre increases soil air and water movement 300-500% according to Dr. Darryl Norton at the National Soil Erosion Laboratory.

The article doesn't even mention the US Ethanol Industry which has provided the best jobs in the country the past 10 years even though you and I pump 10% ethanol into our gas tanks every time we fill up.

Yes we are in dire straits in America but we have so much going for us if we would just live on what we have. I have always done well in hard times because it was always hard times on the tenant farm our family lived on, robbing Peter every day to pay Paul, that was just how we did business.

Like the writers of the article, we are really missing the point. That doesn't help you if you are trained for an uneeded profession right now or working in a job you don't like.

There is a better solution to the problem.


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