Monday, October 17, 2011


We cut soybeans until it rained last night. Of course it rained more there than here at home 5 miles away but we won't have trouble with 9% moisture beans like so many farmers have had this year.

The new 3.9 variety from First Choice Seeds of Stine breeding is doing really well. I do have a complaint about shatter loss on this variety, it seems to shatter a little easy. The test weight is good at 58 lbs but have heard some over 60 this year.

We did get the weeds killed and it is fun to cut clean beans. There is only a little poa annua, or wild bluegrass growing on that farm. The dead rye will catch on the header bottom when it's damp but it dries out quickly. It probably held moisture for me all summer.

All the yields here have been above 60 bushels except for those 3.1 vistive soybeans so we are really blessed. One field of 113 day corn made 225 bu dry but it made 275 bushel wet so it had way too much water in it still. That corn should stand for a long time, though.

I have heard Pioneer is 20 bushel less everywhere but we can't compare it because we don't plant Pioneer corn. One friend had a really good field of 93Y92 Pioneer soybeans but I haven't heard what they made. That was the best looking Pioneer corn or bean field I saw anywhere around here.

It is supposed to rain but I have a lot of dirt to move, trees to cut, fertilizer to spread and rye to sow.

I hope we haven't had our Indian Summer yet.


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