Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dough Boy's

On the way to the barn find yesterday, we took SR 123 through Morrow. We both used to drive that daily but haven't in years.

I was hungry as usual and we saw a bunch of pick up trucks in front of the old pastry shop. It said Dough Boy's breakfast and donuts, so we stopped.

There was a big group of retired gentlemen around a big table in the front window of the shop and a couple of empty tables in front a stream of people getting fresh doughnuts. I don't see that much anymore. Soon all the tables were full.

I kept looking at the guy behind the pastry counter and boy did he look familiar but I couldn't place him. Curiousity got the best of me so when the line finally got their orders and the place quieted down, I went up and introduced myself.

He asked if I had worked at GE and I said no and then he quickly looked back and said I taught social studies at Clermont Northeastern. That was it, we had both taught at CNE. I hadn't seen Frank since I retired from there in 2002.

Frank had gotten riffed after I left and started the shop last year. He has made it through that first, trying year of any new business and sure had a business going yesterday. It seemed like everyone knew each other and it was a social gathering, too, besides the good food.

It's good to see the little guy do well and I wish the best for Frank and his family. If you get near Morrow, Ohio some morning, be sure to stop at Dough Boy's.


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  1. Thank you Ed for the kind words. Appreciate the post. Glad you have been reacquainted with Frank again. Hope to see you in the shop soon.