Saturday, October 22, 2011


I had to use this fellow's picture on Crop Talk this morning about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Ohio farmers will be hunting for that elusive last row of corn later this fall.

Another thread by Houndog asked if Ohio farmers were getting worried yet. Every reply was from Ohio or Michigan and most got 3-4 inches of rain and only one had finished soybeans near Dayton. Every farmer I know still has beans out in the field.

The worst thing about a late harvest is tracking up soft fields. I deplore it but there is little else we can do, now. We knew this was coming when we planted full season corn the first week of June and most farmers plant soybeans after their corn.

That word worry causes the world a lot of grief. I don't know how exactly but I have not had to worry over this as the stage was set back on those rainy days in April and May and I knew this was coming. I had a little concern when we tied the record for 90 degree days this summer at 17 in a row but that really made the crop, too. The crop can take the heat better than us humans.

I just hope we haven't had our Indian summer yet and we get some nice November days to shell corn and plant rye. That's all I hope for at this point.

The rest of the deal will be whatever it is. That worry will eat you up so "don't worry, be happy."

Try telling a farmer that with a big loan at the bank.


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