Sunday, October 2, 2011


Who Radio in Des Moines has a catchy song each day about corn, corn, corn. All you can see is corn, is that a tree?

Trees are pretty few and far between in most of Iowa where they grow annual trees that are called corn or maize. There are some oak trees in Iowa, though.

The mighty oak stands tall today but it was a nut yesterday that stood it's ground!

I don't feel too mighty anymore but I did stand my ground. I was born a Buckeye, too, that poisnous nut that makes you real sick just before you die, if you try to eat it. I remember dad commenting about that crazy cow we had that ate from a Buckeye tree. It eventually died.

Yogi Bera said a lot of people are on third base and they think they hit a triple to get there. Someone posted his experience on the Cafe of new ag talk how he tuned up a young farmer who was born on third base thanks to the work of his dad and grandpa and thought he had to cut in line in front of this poster at the parts counter.

If you look around America, it looks like we were all born on third base. In contrast to the world, we were. I am thankful for that, very thankful and want to preserve and expand it.

I recommend RCIA for all Christians, aeithists and agnostics. You can learn how the Christian faith was founded two thousand years ago and how it helps us today and will for Eternity.

RCIA is Rite for Christian Initiation for the Catholic or Universal church and fatih but adds the Sacred Tradition from the early believers through Christ and how it applies today. You can take it or leave it but you owe it to yourself to listen to it once. I started 3 years last month.

I pray for my teacher and her new class in Cincinati. She is a lady and they are all men.


Ed Winkle

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