Saturday, October 1, 2011

Olive Garden

LuAnn's mom usually gets us a gift certificate to Darden Restaurant's which includes Red Lobster and Olive Garden. We thought we might have some left on the gift card and stopped by one last night.

It turned out we didn't need the gift cetificate. We didn't need our credit card or cash either.

We got the little thingy that tells you when it's your turn to eat. It was rush our with a big crowd just like Outback and every other restaurant in town.

We sat and waited and talked to people and LuAnn read email and websites from her droid. We waited and waited. We waited nearly an hour for a 30-40 minute wait right in front of the desk so I finally asked the gal if she was close to 39. She looked and looked and asked us our name again and suddenly we were rushed to a big open booth near the entrance. They had forgot to call us.

The assistant manager came and apologized for missing us and offered a free appetizer. We got the shrimp appetizer and ordered our meal. We ate the salad, and the appetizer finally came. Then we waited and waited for our meal. Near another hour went by when it finally came. The crowd was pretty much gone by now. Our server was embarrased so she had the assistant manager come by and she offered to pay for our meal.

The food was good but we couldn't get seated and we couldn't get our food when it was served. Our patience paid off because we didn't have to pay a thing though we tipped the waitress well. It wasn't her fault.

I guess this happens everywhere but I can't remember it ever happening to us. It turned out OK. It won't stop us from eating at Olive Garden.


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