Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ohio Issue 2

In the past year we saw lots of states make the news as they passed bills to manage costs as income declined below expenses. Ohio was one of those states.

Our governor made the news as he got the Republican controlled house and senate to pass Senate Bill 5 which limits automatic pay increases of public employees and raised what they pay for health care to 15% of their salary. Some had contracts with their state employers that paid 100% of the their health care costs.

Those people, unhappy with Senate Bill 5 got a million signatures to put the legislation on a state voted ballot on election day, which is only 3 weeks from today. It is called Ohio Issue 2.

If you dig around there, you will find the NO votes have almost 3 times the money to spend to repeal Senate Bill 5 as the YES votes have to keep it. That tells you something, right there.

A yes vote keeps Senate Bill 5 and and a no vote repeals the legislation. Those seeking passage of this issue says it helps balance the budget by fairly reducing costs and the those who seed a no vote says it ties the hands of bargaining too much.

The whole debate and language is very confusing so it behooves every Ohio voter to really read and ask questions about the issue and what has already been passed in Senate Bill 5.

I have posted this today in hopes of bringing the issue to interested voters in Ohio and to my friends outside Ohio.

I still believe in the power of the vote but I must be responsible to understand the issues and people I am voting on as much as possible.

Ed Winkle


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