Monday, October 31, 2011


Oh the woes of Halloween! Last year we were finishing up and this year we are barely started harvesting. It seems like a long fall already but acre wise it isn't.

My friend Phil A from Auglaize County posted he drove down 68 to Ripley last weekend and how little crop was harvested in his travels. He is right, there isn't enough done. And it is raining again right now, just enough to keep us out of the field. Bill Northcutt emailed our weekly rainfall totals as he always does on Monday morning and we got another inch last week, mainly on the 27th to add to the 2.5 plus we got the week before.

It's wet, a wet Halloween. It is not as wet as some places but plenty heavy. We never got the snow Pennsylvania east got and if we did we would have their big snowfall totals and then some. This isn't looking good.

It is a melancholy Halloween since half the costume crew is in Cleveland now and won't be trick or treating with the others here tonight. That tradition started in 2006 when Madison and Liam were just little guys.

Oh well, maybe we will eat less candy because of that. More likely we will eat more. Did you see the average American eats 24 pounds of candy in a year? No wonder we are on the heavy side and Halloween is a big candy sale time!

This weather is hard on grain bin monitoring too. Ernest from Mississippi posted the thumb rule many of us use in grain bin air drying. The best results happen when the temperature and humidity added together are less than 100.

The formula just went over 100 total here so I better go turn the fans off the soybeans. It is sprinkling again.


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