Thursday, October 6, 2011


I see I lost a follower. Now what would I say to cause someone to intentionally take the time to choose to delete followship? I have not taken the time to see who follows and who doesn't, I just write.

I see I have almost 50,000 pageviews from all over the world, and about 100 per day. That's awesome, thanks!

We have had a great 4,000 mile trip to Yellowstone and back. We finally took the time to walk a little of the Grand Tetons, they are beyond words but they are more for the serious hikers, not an old geezer like me. Just five years ago I could walk about anywhere I wanted but those steep mountains were a challenge this time.

The best thing was the weather. It was miserable here the first week we were gone but we had great weather as soon as we got out of Ohio. The pork medallions at the Machine Shed in Davenport the first night were "to die for." That sauce and the sauce I had last night are as good as they come. Watch out Rich Werner, they are on to you!

LuAnn just caught the weather forecast and they are calling for another nice week of weather at home! The first beans can come out and the first wheat, rye and barley can be sown.

Maybe we will get the weather we missed in April and May.

Could that be possible?


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