Thursday, October 27, 2011


An out of state friend called the other day to see how I was doing in this rainy harvest. I have gotten very depressed in similar times in the past but I found out why and I have been working on it.

He really called to tell me is hanging it up. Retirement, that is too big for a 4 letter word. Baby boomers all over the world are feeling the same thing. When is it time to retire, and can I afford to?

He said he combined for five hours straight just to get a load of beans and started thinking about his property in Wyoming. Now, most baby boomers want a home in a warmer climate but not everyone. He was so tired when he got to the house that he realized he didn't want to feel like that anymore. He started making immeadiate plans to sell off his ground and build his retirement home on his Wyoming property.

By Monday morning, he had the deal done. He had his eye on 3 local young farmers and was able to sell his owned ground and find a good home for his rental ground among those young farmers. It sounded like a match made in Heaven but really he has been working on this in the background for years.

LuAnn and I have talked a lot about this. Since I retired from my day job nine years ago she is looking forward to the day she can do the same. We aren't quite there financially, mentally, or physically so we keep doing what we are. Her operating one of the best non profits in Ohio and me farming and consulting.

Like everyone else, the past three years has hurt our asset values but it hasn't wrecked the train. Some people's train is wrecked and we feel for them but at the same time are careful not to crash our own.

Farming is a hard career to retire from since most farmers farm for the joy of it, not the profit. When either one goes awry, or their health, then they must face retirement. Some can never do that, like dad, he was planning next year on his death bed.

My friend is not that way.



  1. Thanks, FP! I think that is the quickest response to a post I ever had!

    It's hard when the body can't keep up with the mind's plan any longer. I discuss this with my generation of friends and contacts quite often.

    It's neat to see people do what you think is right. It's hard to do it yourself.

  2. Florine and I will be completing a five year transition plan of owned and rented land to our son by March 2012 when I will be 72. It is nice to be able to do this in-house to a family member. He said just yesterday that he thinks we are getting out at the right time as he looks at the high stakes game that lies ahead of him. I will probably still be driving a tractor even though I won't be involved with the decisions.

    Don't let the delayed harvest get you down. The sun will come up tomorrow regardless.