Saturday, October 15, 2011

Barn Find

An old pig farmer died in Butler County and his son sought to settle his estate. I guess he never realized all dad had stored in the empty barns so they are having a massive internet dispersal auction of the barn find.

There are lots of rare items from his era that doesn't require being a pig farmer to like. From Corvettes to Indian motorcycles, from pedal tractors to guns, the old boy was quite a collector.

I wander what possesses people to squirrel away a bunch of stuff like this? The variety of the items puts antique tractor collections to shame. He had a wide arrange of tastes and likes.

The white Corvette and the 47 Indian Motorcycle are popular items. They are classic for their era. It would be a fun place to bid if you were a younger millionaire with your dad's tastes.

I see some pedal tractors I want to bid on for my small collection. They don't seem out of range so the collectors must not have found this auction yet.

I think we may go over and poke around so I will fill you in more later.

It was quite a find. It's a beautiful old farm with an 1830 house and barns I have seen before, although it's been so long I don't remember how or why.

The nice Corvettes and Indian motorcyles are over $40,000 each now. It was a beautiful day to go look at the barn find, and not that far away. I liked some of the pedal tractors but the valuable stuff is way to rich for my budget.

I am trying to stretch my limited crop budget as it is.



  1. Fantastic collection. Definitely worth a look.

  2. You wonder how a "simple hogfarmer" could accumlate that much, Ralph. It sure was worth a trip just to see the collection, the old farm and even pictures of him on the dresser. It sure looks like he had a grand time and the picture of him and his drag racer reminded me of myself and my old Oliver 88 pulling tractor.