Monday, November 2, 2009

What a sight!

We just loaded out one semi load of dry soybeans while unloading a load of corn to the bins while unloading two more wagons of corn, all at the same time!

That wasn't possible when we moved here in 2004.

LuAnn and I have worked hard to make our 5 bins and inside dump bit a mini grain terminal!

I was really impressed. We just spent a pile of money trying to update these bins again. It is so expensive to keep.

Ran out of trucks yesterday and two old tractor pulling buddies came to the rescue. Bare Necessities and Rowdy Red helped us out. They came back today to help more. We moved a lot of good corn to town today as they want our corn. It is of good quality and as dry as anyone's coming in so less propane is needed to take it down to the market standard of 15%.

The 50 acre corn plot is now history. I can't wait to tabulate the results. It was all good corn but some better than others as usual. We might have 10,000 bu off 50 acres but I think we came a bit short.

This has been one interesting excursion!



  1. You'll need another vacation after the harvest is all done.

  2. You can come back out west and help me plant. I've only got 300 acres left. (in 40 acre fields) I'll let you do all the hillsides if you want. I've even borrowed a John Deere 750 for you to run (and repair). Got it on the 2-135. Just setting in the shed, waiting for you to come run it!

  3. Sorry Budde, cannot do! Too much left to do here!:)

    Vacation may be work in New Zealand in February Jackie!

    Pray for my grand daughter and her family, she brought home H1N1 from school.

  4. Will certainly remember your grand daughter. We have the virus in our neighborhood as well. No vaccinations in the are yet...

  5. They gave her the tamu flue nasal and she seems to be doing better but I don't understand the biology.